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[#529491] Written by: Beertje23 [28/03/2024, 21:38]
Airs April 14.

[#529496] Written by: scottlad [28/03/2024, 22:47]
now this looks like a great ADULT show, can't wait!

8====D ~
[#529525] Written by: scottlad [30/03/2024, 20:11]
Can we be friends now, please?
[#529527] Written by: scottlad [30/03/2024, 21:14]
Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting or excusing the harm done to you and it could even lead to
feelings of understanding, empathy and compassion for the one who hurt you.
[#529529] Written by: Beertje23 [31/03/2024, 12:04]
And you think after everything you did, that I would trust what you say? Sorry to say so, but nope.
Just stop posting obscene stuff and stop changing usernames, and who knows what will will happen.
[#529530] Written by: scottlad [31/03/2024, 13:18]
Sounds good to me but you know that I am not the only idiot on here, right?
[#529773] Written by: scotslad [19/04/2024, 21:18]
Go on then, name the other idiots
[#529793] Written by: scottlad [20/04/2024, 22:16]
Are you trying to start trouble or just eliciting a response from me to see if I behave myself? I am
sticking to our bargain and behaving myself.
And I know who you are because you made the mistake once of calling me Incel under the name scotslad.
So deny it or not, because it really makes no matter to me anymore.
Take care friend
[#529794] Written by: Beertje23 [20/04/2024, 22:50]
Sorry to say so dude (scottlad), but it ain't me. Serious
[#529795] Written by: scottlad [20/04/2024, 23:14]
Well then, there is another idiot, I guess.
[#529796] Written by: scottlad [20/04/2024, 23:14]
Well then, there is another idiot, I guess.
[#529797] Written by: scotslad [21/04/2024, 00:38]
Instead of getting all defensive, how about answering the question.
Name the other idiots.,
[#529798] Written by: scottlad [21/04/2024, 00:45]
Not defensive just an opinion based on some of your past posts my friend, same as me.
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